( Jimmy Savile”s of India ) – sexual abuse at the blind school RK Puram and in Gurgaon , why hasnt the management been charged for negligence ? there was another that involved this creep Harsh Mander NGO Umeed Asha Ghar what happened to that case ? who was charged ?

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One wrote about Jimmy Savile because this serial abuser of children got away because of his fame and fortune and only after his death did the truth come out and even then the whole case was being diluted and no one was willing to believe it and those who came out against him with charges were belittled and called liars and after much hue and cry the truth finally came out and would you believe it this creep was donating money to children’s charities and would then raid the charities of disabled children and then abuse them and got away for years and years and only after his death did the truth come out because no one would believe those who levelled the charges against him when he was alive .

The two recent horrible cases one of sexual abuse by a British National of Blind school students and then orphanage run by some nun in Gurgaon involved in all sorts of horrors on children , the question one has is what charges have been bought against the management like in the case of Ryan school because of their negligence these incidents occurred and these children have no one to speak for them and there is no hue and cry will be buried with those responsible for them going scot free and this cannot be allowed .

Then there is this creepy uncle Harsh Mander ,yes he is very soft spoken and sophisticated but this guy is to good to be true and sure he has written a lot great articles and done a lot of stuff great and hope he is genuine as he shows himself to be but one is not buying it the image he is trying to sell , you mean to tell me that he left his job as a IAS to serve the poor and is busy playing politics and is getting crores in funding helping himself very generously indeed and must be put under greater scrutiny as he is running a lot of NGO’s and one dealing with children and specially when he is as good as a politician something just isnt right about this man playing divisive politics in the name of whatever the guy shows the depth he can go to and one hopes there is scrutiny of his NGO’s specially relating to children we must never forget the case of a much loved man in Chandigarh Zulfiqar Khan and his terrible truth http://www.dailyo.in/politics/zulfiqar-khan-chandigarh-slum-activist-sodomy-paedophilia-theatre-age-sector-25/story/1/4936.html and these Indian versions of Jimmy Savile roaming with impunity  there have to be serious checks on the management of these institutions specially because these children are the most vulnerable and no one to speak for them and pressurize the government like in the case of Ryan International school and those who are taking funding in crores on their behalf and generously helping themselves need to be hauled up first in the line of fire and most of them are politically well connected as you can see from the case of Harsh Mander and the media eating out of his hands so that is why one is asking the question what happened in that case of Umeed Asha Ghar incident and charges levelled very important to know and the man is a politician one of the most dangerous and hypocritcal slimy kinds very soft spoken and being politically correct and too good to be true and very creepy type of uncle you just cant get a better cover job than this guy and that is why the truth about this guy will be hardest to come by lots of whos who are heavily invested in this guy and they will also fall so need a forensic operation to know what he truly is and is he what he is projecting the good and great man he is or we are in for something else .





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