Its just such a sad and horrific news more than 40 people died of the cold in a week in Delhi and the disturbing part is no inquiry no one arrested or behind bars for such a terrible loss of lives its like they didnt matter at all

Posted on Jan 8 2018 - 6:44pm by admin

The number of dead quoted who died from cold is the ones they could ascertain had died from the cold but there must be many other who they couldnt and come under various other heading and reasons and it happens every season every year and numbers seem to only grow and there is no effort to save live despite some superficial efforts at housing them in shelters as one has often said you need to find these people haul them off and also identify the vulnerable ones those on drugs or have given up or dont care types and yet they leave it to the public to inform the government of such people wonder how many do so .

It just breaks my heart and disturbs me knowing the sheer inhumanity and apathy of the authorities towards the destitute and how they leave them to simply die and make their task easier rather than make effort to save these homeless on the edge .

What even worse no inquiry for these deaths as to whose negligence caused this to happen in the first place no heads roll no arrest or anyone behind bars for the sheer inhuman negligence on the part of the authorities and they are busy blaming each other the DUSIB chief should be atleast fired to set an example and other people should be atleast suspended pending inquiry .

Shame on us as citizens of Delhi for being so apathetic and inhuman and so self absorbed to not even bother or give a glance that so many lives are lost every single day due cold rain heat etc these nameless faceless invisibles perishing in cold and a heartless city where people are only bothered about filling their pockets specially the corrupt greedy elites living it large and their garish spectacle of showing off in the face of such inhumanity adding to that with their garish display of wealth .

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