India’s first taxi ambulance launched in New Delhi

Posted on Jul 5 2018 - 7:29pm by admin

Starting with 200 taxis, Gurugram-based Wagon Cab is starting the first ever taxi ambulance service in India. The drivers are have been trained to deal with medical emergencies. The initiative is supported by Das Foundation, an NGO based in Delhi.

According to a report by The Better India, the driver will approach the victim as soon as they are notified. And for every victim helped by the driver, he/she will receive Rs.500 on top of their regular salary.

The cabs, however, don’t have emergency medical equipment like oxygen cylinders.

Yogita Bhabhani, founder of Das Foundation, said that this initiative by Wagon Cab will surely help patients reach hospitals on time and also provide immediate help during an emergency as the road is largely occupied by cab aggregators, so, apart from taking people to their destinations they can also save their lives.

Inaugurated on July 4, the services are for now restricted to Delhi-NCR region, and if the pilot services are successful, the services will be expanded to other cities.

Uttam Bose, CEO of Wagon Cab, said that time is of essence in taking the sick to the hospital and many lives are lost due to traffic congestion, with this initiative we are trying to save lives which are lost due to lack of medical attention in time. This move will certainly be a positive step in increasing road safety and accidents.

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