INDIA SPEND – oops our oversight – ethics intergrity ha – just another front for political and special interest groups . part 1

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very much like all media specially the english speaking variety based in Delhi like gupta jee s dukaan now , India spend is nothing but just another sophisticated front ‘ masquerading ‘ as some non partisan non profit journalists with people s interest at heart ah !

yesterday gupta jee was labelling everyone who for the odd even thing as anti car jihadi s ,  now comes up a doosra sg1

facts are facts indeed sir – so business standard publishes an article

so in order to get their point across they pour data mind you of their low cost air quality checking instruments which one is sure are very reliable and then go on to offer a comparison with DPPC reading that too only from CP by the way DPPC monitor is place at mandir marg which is west of CP for details sake and how there is little variation between theirs and DPCC readings fair will give them that but fact is DPCC readings are great variance to theirs and if anyone bothers to check the daily variance in their PM 2.5 reading goes from 200 to 700 so what does that prove ,

then their comparison about the week before the implementation of the odd even scheme ,really is that what you have got for comparison ,well one can give comparison of some previous days where the readings were double that of what it is in the odd even scheme , a more reasonable comparison would be of last years and years before that to come to some sort of conclusion , just a month of odd even and there INDIA SPEND is so eager to say odd even scheme is a failure one wonders why are so desperate to stall it without giving it a chance ,

let me also tell only 6% of Delhis total vehicle population is taking part in this experiment and they themselves contribute very little of the pollution major factor being dust etc so it is expected a very little impact will take place because of the odd even scheme and with such great variance in air quality readings for various monitoring centers that little impact would be hard to measure , but still with reliable investigation one would be able to find that out.

as regards the odd even one says its a baby step and much needed , the other benefit it has it clears up the roads considering the bad traffic situation

below different reading and please see the daily variance aqi


now compare this the readings of INDIA SPEND is1

now the DPCC dpcc

now what do all these data points tell us


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