India needs to worry more about internal threats with pigs like Umar Khalid these enemies within , Trojans etc and bravo to the muslim ghetto of Jamia Nagar for nurturing him and his SIMI founder father , lot of muslims are waiting for the caste wars but it might backfire on them specially the Sunni upper class.

Posted on Jan 2 2018 - 6:22pm by admin

We in India are a weak state and such pigs like Umar Khalid get away so easily in any other nation they wont have the guts to incite forget anything else and if anything else would be in a Guantanamo like prison crying victim and we in India should seriously consider making such prisons for such people and other heinous crooks like Denver maximum facility or the Russian Siberian prisons or even the light Belmarsh in Britain to really punish the enemies within and as for the sunni muslims dreaming of great alliance muslims and Dalits and caste war to split this country they would be running for cover if it all turned towards then and would call the Hindus communal and play victim better be careful the fire your pigs are lighting will have consequences for you also lets not go to the path of violence .

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