Indeed a power packed evening the photo says it all shows the unbiased media owners like Shobhana Bhartiya of the Hindustan Times kinds, was there free Domino Pizza and Dunkin Donuts for everyone

Posted on Apr 5 2018 - 8:58am by admin

Why do we have this hypocrisy about media being biased and some of it being pro government of the India when here you have so called journalist and media owners showing to whom to belong and are beholden to , why do these so called left dominated media crib about Arnab being pro BJP when they themselves are pro certain parties and Shobhana Bhartia is clear so is her daughter adding further to it wrote a sycophantic book dedicated to certain young leaders .

Though this should be considered the most dangerous corruption of democracy and specially of the news media and yet in India this is the basic norm and these media owners have become shameless which is good atleast they dont hide and but on the contrary wear their bias and their masters tag on their sleeves and this is the media which is regarded as the watchdog of society  hilarious Shobhana Bhartia should stick to selling Pizzas or donuts and employ us as delivery boys or as garbage cleaners of such media that she runs hamari toh wohi level hai .

This is the contempt people like Hindustan Media and likes of Shobhana Bhartia have for the people that she says you cant touch me but i with my media power will kick your ass by judging you and utter shamelessness showing her power backers and it is not that it is not known to the people despite that she comes in and rubs it in thats how powerful she is and these so called elites who sit and party while people die of hunger reminds me of Marie Antoinette if they dont have bread let them eat cake kinds and this is the media which is supposed to be checking on corruption and misuse of power and caring about the peoples problem is sitting here at the high table with very people amazing hypocrisy and then they crib they are abused on the social media as though they give a shit and simply label them as trolls but there is certain truth in the anger rage etc of the troll for such media and media owners who are basically a front for certain people .

This is a display of nepotism cronyism whatever of the highest order then with what authority a media like Hindustan Times judge anyone when their top bosses are so compromised and drenched in cronyism of the highest order ,Vir is just small timer in this game but gets big money and he was respected fr his writing abilities and when he got caught out in the Radia tapes he gracefully at first accepted his fault when most shamelessly went about defending themselves like Burkha Butt kinds and it felt that atleast the man had some dignity left and as a act of contrition kept quiet for some months but screwed it up by defending himself when he was clearly caught out and joined club of the shameless scum and lost all moral ground if he had any and the man has talent and can write but to defend yourself when you are caught out clearly it was a betrayal maybe you are making your cash and in a system where they all stink you who stood out are another one zero credibility and standing with a scoundrel like Shashi Tharoor his time will come wait and watch

got your funding for some reservation site and luxury segment which pure PR and HT will always provide the cash on the side and rest you dont give damn as long there is money pouring let the dogs bark but just be careful lest they bite someday but then you have the protection of the powers that be in the country like Shobhana Bhartia and its money for nothing and everything is for free

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