Health Crisis in Delhi / Malaria ,Chikungunya,Dengue – where is the health minister ? – its a epidemic out here .

Posted on Sep 13 2016 - 4:46pm by admin

Delhi government with huge allocation for health care  in budget and this is what we get – health minister is busy in Goa while city grapples with health crisis so much for healthcare  , the numbers of the affected people being reported in the media are all false it the actual numbers would be hundred times more though most are dealing with it on their own in private and hence dont show up officially – everywhere you check someone or the other is suffering from one these diseases its literally on a scale of epidemic and medical emergency should be declared , but what we have is incompetence of the highest order and worst of the health minister is busy in Goa .

AAP and MCD better get their act together – or maybe you are waiting for it end when it gets a little cold in October -

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