Free water scheme has led to saving of water, says DJB

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WATER FOR ALL The scheme has helped in adding 4 million gallons of water per day to the city’s supply as more than 8 lakh households have reduced consumption


The Delhi government’s decision to give free water to its consumers had raised fears of wastage. But a number of Delhi households are actually saving more water after the policy was implemented.

AJAY AGGARWAL/ HT FILEThe water saved from the new scheme is enough to reach an additional 1.2 lakh consumers every day.According to figures related to water consumption patterns, the 8.21 lakh households that received the water subsidy between March 1 and August 8 this year have reduced their water consumption and have added 4 million gallons of water to the city’s supply. This amount is enough to reach an additional 1.2 lakh consumers every day, Delhi Jal Board officials said.

The consumption figures were compared to the consumption patterns of these 8.21 lakh households during last year’s billing cycles.

“Most of the houses that took advantage of the scheme are built on an area of up to 50 square meters. Houses that came up in 200 square meters of area were the least in number on the list. The numbers are encouraging,” said SS Yadav, Delhi Jal Board CEO.

Bigger houses were the ones that fared the worst when it came to reducing consumption and bringing it below 20,000 liters. Of the 8.21 lakh houses, only 19,972 big houses managed to get the government subsidy as opposed

number of households who have availed of the govt’s free water scheme at least once 4 million gallons daily water saved by these households when compared to the consumption patterns last year 120,000 number of additional households that can be served with the saved water 47,606 highest number of household in Preet Vihar billing circle (including some colonies of Mayur Vihar) that availed the scheme 1,456 lowest number of households in Narela circle that availed of the scheme to close to 5 lakh small houses .

The Aam Aadmi Party had promised Delhiites 20,000 liters of free piped water every month. Once it came to power, this was among the first promises that the government fulfilled, even at the expense of facing criticism from a number of experts, who believed that the free water scheme would just increase wastage of water. The government, however, reasoned that the chance of getting Areas that score low on the saving card include Greater Kailash, Mehrauli, RK Puram and Saket, all having less than 5,000 households Most households — 489,994 — the benefit will encourage more people to use less water and therefore curb water wastage.

According to DJB officials, a number of people have also approached them for installation of new water meters in the past six months. The utility has been adding new consumers to its network on a war footing and has also slashed the cost of water and sewer connections for the residents of unauthorized colonies. that availed the scheme have an area of between 1 and 50 square meters Amount of subsidy (in rupees) people have got between March 1 and August 8 this year — 45 crore approx NEW WATER,WATER SEWER CONNECTIONS

DJB offices will remain open on Friday, to help residents of the unauthorized colonies to get new water and sewer connections on reduced rates.

Friday was the last day for residents to get connections at slashed rates and, despite it being a holiday, field offices of the revenue department will remain open.

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