Fortis case, the death of a child and the bill of 16 lakhs , should have been thoroughly debated, it would have opened a can of worms about the state of medical care and how private hospitals are fleecing consumers flouting laws and getting away with murder .

Posted on Nov 22 2017 - 6:56pm by admin

This was one issue that affects the lives of nearly everyone and yet the whole issue has been buried must say good PR work and sure there will ads in the future and even now you can see Fortis spends a lot on ads and then the powerful lobby of private hospital owners whose reach is right at the top . Though must say Mirror Now has had good debates on this issue with Faye. Had there been more discussion on this issue it would have opened a can of worms the corruption forget ethics sheer criminality when it comes to making a profit by these premium and most of the hospitals operating in the private sphere they are exploiting the dismal state of government medical care and low investment in the healthcare sector and worst no regulation and even the laws that are there they do not follow. Its bloody sham and it goes on and Indian Medical Council lets not even talk about it . The clever burial of the issue of private hospitals and their regulation shows the corruption of the media and how they edit news which matters to nearly everyone .

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