First of all one is against regulation of online news which are of Indian origin but very concerned about DATA COLONIZATION and these foreign investors like Jezz Bezoz , Ariana’s Huffington ,Vicenews, Pierre Omidyar etc who have a serious political agenda

Posted on Apr 6 2018 - 8:25am by admin

If there is something regarding regulation of the online news in the works one hasnt seen the full draft and cant really comment but one in principle is against such a free flow of information and which has given everyone a level playing field , yes there are serious problems but for now it should be left as is .

But on the other hand there are serious concerns about these foreign entities making a beeline for the media segment and the government is waking up too late to this security challenge in form of Facebook and Twitter and how they are manipulating the flow of information and COLONIZING our DATA and then there are these dubious characters who have a very one sided political agenda which not only targets the RIGHT but will have implications for all political parties in the long run and its a form of Neo Colonization of the media and that is the most dangerous part these Indian employees  are  the neo coolies for these Neo Colonials to do their work in the media and that the government should seriously look into this .

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