Dubious distinction: Delhi tops increase in crime against women

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Source – times of India - Deeptiman Tiwary,

NEW DELHI: The Nirbhaya gangrape and murder case may prove a watershed moment in how police respond to crime against women, with registration of offenses of rape jumping by a significant 35% in 2013 as compared to the previous year.

The latest National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data for 2013 shows a spike in registration of crimes against women even as murders have dropped by 3.6%. Besides rapes, there is a 56% increase in crimes described as outraging the modest of women involving assault and a 37% rise in the offense of insult to women.

The statistics indicate that besides a lower tolerance of police inaction, tougher and more detailed laws dealing with crime against women are also be a reason for more cases being registered. Officials said the sharp increase in registration of cases was remarkable as even a 6-10% jump is considered unusual.

Only robberies at 16.8% have registered a somewhat comparable rise even though they lag the crime against women statistics by some distance.

Delhi, that saw a huge outpouring of protests after the assault on Nirbhaya in December, 2012, leads the crime pack with an over 140-340% rise in crimes against women. Next is Mumbai recording a jump of around 80-90%. Chennai, proved to be the exception though, recording a negative growth in this category.

The data, released on Monday, shows incidences of rape increased by 35.2% over 2012 and 112.7% over 2003 across the country. The same figure for assault with intention to outrage the modesty of a woman recorded an increase of 56% over 2012 and 114.8% over 2003. In the case of insult to a woman’s modesty, all India figures showed a rise of 37.2% over 2012 and 2.1% over 2003.

In cases of abduction of women there was a rise of 35.6% over 2012 and 290.2% over 2013. A senior NCRB officer said, “The sharp spurt in crime against women seems more as a result of increase in registration of cases than increase in crime per se. In previous years we have rarely seen an increase of more than 6-10 % in crimes against women.”

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