Disgraceful statement of exclusion / discrimination from this Marryam Reshii , people like this are food critics and by the way people should take offence sitting next to you , see the kinda people on her timeline not even a word of disapproval.

Posted on Jun 13 2016 - 8:04pm by admin



This lady thinks she has arrived or something by being some top end food critic or something see her timeline all full the elites of Delhi and then there is this chef Manu Chandra now the question one has for food critics like her is it ethical to be on such friendly terms with very person who you are going to critique maybe in your book it is ethical then with a statement like this which reeks of blatant class bias and endorsement of discrimination one can expect a lot from you -

first of all  it isn’t a non story it is very serious issue the only issue here is people like you and their regressive exclusionary mindset and what one finds very disturbing is the people who are on your current timeline not one person said anything against such a statement  - your media boss / a militant secularists who gave a justification for 1984 assortment of champagne commies and then our famous Bachi Karkaria then birds of feather flock together .

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