Despite reservations Dalits havent got their due in this country take the media for instance the English media full of closet or open upper caste Supremacists like Barkha , Rajdeep etc Brahmins , Punjabis , Kayastha etc and excess of sunni muslims upper caste .

Posted on Jan 2 2018 - 6:22pm by admin

Dalits surely have a right to caste assertion though peaceful and definitely not led by some muslim pig like Umar Khalid , we have seen the Jats burn Haryana no action against them and then recent the Rajputs assertion so in that case Dalits have full rights and let me tell you all these media types have zero interest in Dalits on the contrary they are not direct with their caste assertion but deep inside and once in a while they slip up and you see their sense of caste superiority displayed like these Rajdeeps, Barkha , Chaturvedi’s etc kinds they are working only to maintain their caste supremacy  and not the status quo and they pretend to play for the Dalits but they want the right to be at the top and control the media and there is a excess of muslim sunnis of the upper caste variety who also play along with Hindu upper caste to keep hold on the people these so called fair muslims who always are so ashamed of their conversion history and always trace their ancestry to vague foreign land and they think they still will rule this country by playing divide and rule among the Hindus and trying this Dalit equation and rouse them against the Hindus but they better be careful because it turn on them and then you will cry victim.

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