Delhi’s Odd-Even Plan: Time To Be Less Cynical? Via NDTV – Vishnu Som – please gupta saheb and India spend types have a look see-

Posted on Jan 9 2016 - 7:36pm by admin

Vishnu Som is one of finest anchors low profile understated and more impactful than most of these so called celebrity anchors and seems to be non partisan , not like these celebrity anchors who are buddies with these guests, totally partisan ,no wonder he has been relegated to the background , this show is one example of how to anchor a show with balance  - we need more of him , though the sad part is he will have party and hang around the right kind of people and be an unofficial member of a political party which has a hold on NDTV , but still whatever respect for his show .

gupta saheb this is not about winning or some ego issue that you have to prove or we have to prove we are right its about the situation in Delhi maybe you are not getting affected by this pollution but one is and knows many young and old who lives are disrupted by this pollution and this is just a small start ,everyone knows that , but to say its increasing pollution by 50% is absurd and there needs more time still to come to any conclusion and we also about dust etc please read about the earlier articles and CSE has been on it for years ,the disappointing part is one expected a lot more from a seasoned journalist like you instead some absurd assumptions from you and that too based on India Spend for us sorry to say they have no credibility after their recent spate of articles on this odd even scheme and then background of the trustee of the patrons and which political dispensation they belong , as for these two so called journalists they must be credible in their own kind of circle otherwise they are just PRolls .

one can give you a lot more reasons why even this odd even scheme is very good , the other aspect is the traffic congestion problem is very serious maybe you go with a driver poor us have no such luxury and it is big time waste and cause of stress for most this will help set a precedent when it comes to traffic rationing and other ways to lessen traffic ,

would expect you to be non partisan from now on hopefully as you run your own venture though that is not possible but use your power with great care , seen you destroy people the same can happen to you no matter all those backing you ,

and as for issuing sly threats – Deepinder Hooda etc you know what means be very careful like on says you never what you are dealing with and as for the goons and hitmen , we are way ahead of you in the game so lets be civil the old school politician journalist nexus in the internet age is only a recipe for disaster ,

best work for the best interest for Delhi ncr on which all politicians will also agree like you can see in the video thats how it works .

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