Delhi tailor kills insurance consultant to take revenge for ‘slapping, humiliating’ him – ( Psycho Mullah and his pride and kills a person but no such non violent people never harm anyone only victims )

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Two days after a 45-year-old insurance consultant was stabbed to death in a public park near his home in west Delhi’s Tilak Nagar, the police on Saturday arrested a 30-year-old tailor. They said he allegedly killed him to take “revenge” for slapping and humiliating him.

The tailor, identified as one Shahid, ran a shop in the insurance consultant’s neighbourhood. He was caught from the Tilak Nagar area with the help of CCTV footage in which he was seen near the crime scene.

Deputy commissioner of police (west) Monika Bhardwaj said Shahid was allegedly slapped by the insurance consultant, Anil Kapoor, in the presence of customers and locals over the issue of the parking of a two-wheeler by Anil’s friend in front of Shahid’s shop around a month back.

“Shahid felt humiliated because Anil had allegedly slapped him in full public view. He developed an animosity towards Anil and had been waiting for an opportunity to take revenge,” DCP Bhardwaj said

The police said Shahid had taken a loan of ₹3 lakh from Anil. As he had been delaying repayment of the loan, Anil allegedly used to humiliate him for that as well. They added that the two issues made Shahid hatch a plan to kill Anil to settle scores.

“Shahid conducted reconnaissance of Anil’s daily activities and found that he used to smoke in the park outside his home every night around 10pm. On Thursday night, Shahid waited for Anil outside the park with a dagger,” the DCP said.

When Anil did not come to the park at his regular time, Shahid gave him a missed call on his mobile number. Anil reverted with two missed calls. Around 10.50pm, Kapoor came out and met Shahid, who told Anil that he wanted to discuss something about the loan. Shahid took Anil to the park and stabbed him multiple times, the police said.

“We analysed footage from several CCTV cameras installed in the neighbourhood under our Nigehbaan scheme. Shahid was seen at the crime scene in one of the footages. His mobile phone’s location was also in that area. We caught him and he confessed to the crime,” Bhardwaj added.

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