Delhi officers to promise not to misuse cars – ( Govt officials openly misuse government cars and not only that flaunt their status and privilege )

Posted on May 6 2018 - 6:28pm by admin

Cracking the whip on employees using official vehicles for personal work, the Delhi government‘s social welfare department has directed its babus to submit a written undertaking every month that the cars are used for official purposes only, an official said.


well these babus n netas are so used to writing such fake undertaking..they don”t care..if u have guts,then install GPS based car log books and publish in public portals and stop vehicle usage during weekends..Bluecollar

The decision was taken after the government observed that a few officers of the department were using the official vehicles for commuting from office to their residence and vice-versa, but were also claiming the transport allowance.


The official said all officers of the department will have to send the undertaking to the accounts branch by 20 of every month. According to the laid down rules, officers availing the staff car facility cannot use official cars for their personal purpose. The undertaking will ensure that they do not use official vehicles for commuting to residence and vice-versa, the official added.
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