Cops want blinkers and barriers on expressway to curb accidents – ( These expressways are death traps highways to hell and each year so many lives are lost on the Gurugram expressway and no serious action )

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In a letter to NHAI, the police have also asked the highways body to install adequate lighting, jersey barriers and side rails on the Delhi­gurgaon Expressway

GURUGRAM: To curb the number of accidents and fatalities and to reduce congestion on the Delhigurgaon Expressway and the National Highway 48, the Gurugram police have written to the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), asking the agency to take a slew of measures that could help in improving the situation.

HT FILEFor reducing the impact of crashes at the start of a jersey-queue barrier, the police have suggested placing sand- or water-filled barriers to reduce the impact during a collision.The letter by the Gurugram police commissioner to the NHAI, lists a number of measures — such as installing blinkers, adding new cement barriers, providing adequate lighting, deployment of marshals — which can be taken so that the highway can be made safer for vehicles and commuters. More importantly, with the winter season approaching, the police want additional precautionary measures, such as installation of jersey barriers and side rails, and repainting medians on the highway for better visibility.

It is worth mentioning here that over 3.5 lakh vehicles use the Delhi-gurgaon Expressway every day. During the winter season, there is usually a sharp rise in the number of accidents in this thoroughfare.

In 2017, 1,053 accidents were recorded on the expressway, out of which 59 were of serious nature, along with 29 fatalities. This year, 591 accidents and nine deaths have been reported till September 25.

The concerns raised by the city police are important in the context of a recent survey conducted by the International Road Assessment Programme (IRAP) and the NHAI. The survey revealed that almost 30% of the Delhi-mumbai stretch is not safe for vehicles. This stretch also includes the Delhi-gurugram Expressway up to the Rajasthan border.

In his letter to the NHAI, KK Rao, police commissioner, Gurugram, stated that traffic congestion at several points on the expressway also needed to be addressed. These points include the Sirhaul toll plaza and Kapriwas, among others. “During a successful trial at the Sirhaul toll plaza, Gurugram, the traffic police team, along with the NHAI, has established a lane demarcation meant for decongestion. Presently, temporary jersey barriers are installed, which need to be made permanent with kerb stones,” Rao wrote.

Apart from such measures, the Gurugram police also want the NHAI to ensure that vehicles coming from the side of Bhiwandi should take a mandatory left-turn towards Jaipur and make a U-turn towards Delhigurugram from the road that lies opposite to the Hero Honda factory at Dharuhera. Presently, vehicles from Bhiwadi heading towards Jaipur move in the wrong direction at Kapriwas Chowk causing congestion, the police said.

The city police have also asked the NHAI to ensure that entry and exit points on the expressway have proper reflective signage, indicating merging and de-merging of traffic. Also, warning lights need to be installed along the expressway .

For reducing the impact of crashes at the start of a jerseyqueue barrier, the police have suggested that two to three sandor water-filled barriers need to be placed at the start to reduce the impact during a collision. Also, reflective spring posts, reflective tapes and clear signs are required to ensure visibility during nighttime.

The police commissioner has further asked the NHAI to ensure that the streetlights on the expressway and underpasses are functional, marshals are deployed at all exit and entry points, road repair is carried out, proper demarcation of lanes are available, and the movement of pedestrians on roads are prevented by installing grilles on the medians.

S Raguraman, CEO, Millennium City Expressway Private Limited(mcepl), the expressway’s concessionaire, said that the recommendations by the Gurugram police have already been made earlier after a road

safety audit, but were not followed as they required additional funds, which the NHAI must sanction. “This would be a costly exercise, and the NHAI needs to provide money from the road safety funds. There has been a massive increase in the incremental traffic on this road, much of which is currently not tolled,” he said.

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