Conspiracy Theory – The fire at the pubs in Mumbai could have been a sophisticated sabotage hitting at the two news channels Times Now and Republic , Times now carried a debate on someone very powerful , ED raids , Pakistan etc .

Posted on Jan 1 2018 - 6:52pm by admin

First let us make it clear that there were illegalities and lack of fire safety and those responsible should be given the worst punishment and we are no way trying to absolve anyone but there is a possibility of sophisticated sabotage .

Though it might sound out of this world bizzare and preposterous but real target of the blaze was the two channels Times Now and Republic who have offices right next to those pubs and in way the fire was a way of sending a message that they will be scorched for doing certain stories against certain very powerful people or stories against Pakistan who the abuse on a regular basis the fire is no random coincidence it a very sophisticated operation the ones which are usually carried out by specialists agents .

There was a debate on Times Now about a very powerful person and ED raids and it could have been a blowback of sorts but then that is speculation but surely never heard of that story again got buried in the fire and whole news cycle is changed to focus on the fire classic diversionary in media terms .

There is strange coincidence that Ansal fire was at the screening of Border a film on Pakistani bashing .

The fires could be due to negligence as most of these restaurants and bars were violating basic safety norms and it like a hidden time bomb waiting to explode but one finds strange and amazing coincidence is that they were right next to the two channels Times Now and Republic and hitting them directly would have had serious consequences so the next best hit them indirectly and anyone who has worked in specialist operations knows it can be done and sure in the end all investigations will point to the lapses and there was also TV 9 channel also there but it is Times and Republic which could have been the real indirect target to scorch them but then it is just us and our conspiracy theory .

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