Ah! The Conscience of the Judiciary one name Kalikho Pul – 60-page booklets called Mere Vichar (“My Thoughts”)

Posted on Jan 12 2018 - 6:29pm by admin

All my lawyer friends often refer to this Kalikho Pul case and what is wrong with the Indian Judiciary and yet would you believe outside the court not much is known about Kalikho Pul and his case and it should have been the one that should have shaken the hell out of the entire nation and worst neither the media covered and it was buried and now when the 4 honorable judges of the Supreme court have come forward with the conscience of the judiciary it is the right time to ask where was it when this case is very much there not even a whimper and a case which involves the very foundation of the system and who’s who of the country and for now only this will suffice though there are lot of other issues of serious nature overlooked floating openly at corridors of the courts and not talked in hushed whispers but openly by my young lawyer friends which are blots .

But for now stick with Kalikho Pul https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kalikho_Pul and his 60 page letter



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