Cobrapost sting part 2 – Vineet Fredo Jain keeping it classy and is clearly caught out and have said enough about him and as though he gives a shit about all and is back in business and specially twitter .

Posted on May 31 2018 - 11:52pm by admin

What can you say about FREDO he is classy as usual trying to play don and one had warned him about forces way beyond his understanding but then who are we nobodies that he should heed us also warned and alerted a lot of others who fell badly from their high throne in some way or the other .

Though he did say he had no need for cash and had he stuck to that it would have been something instead he gave ways as to how to convert cash  and even suggesting names in turn harming the reputations of others but that is why  one calls him Fredo for nothing and even worse how he could fall for such a guy one could have said ok, that the over eager and over zealous employees get taken in by a hustler of sorts the stinger was but for the boss to fall and even suggest ways about cash etc though it  is hypothetical and faltu ki backchodi and’ what if ‘ but the boss to be suckered into something like this by a hustler ,what can you say .

Anyway Vineet doesnt give a shit about all this and is back on twitter to show it but a word of advice from a nobody silence is golden in such times as one always says there are forces way beyond your understanding and even those who think they are the forces

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