CobraPost sting part 2 – As regards the IT and its Vice Chair person who refused to compromise the editorial integrity and that is what matters despite all the efforts of inducements and efforts of your stinger

Posted on May 31 2018 - 11:51pm by admin

If you have 1ooo’s of employees there are bound to be loose tongues and if you are hell bent of entrapping someone in the organization you’d find many such cases and trapping some over eager employee who is looking to benefit himself and the company is not difficult to find and in this case one can say ok you got the employee and it counts for nothing till you get the boss and the Cobra Post sting exactly that in this case but if see the sting the IT chairperson refuses to compromise the editorial integrity and on the contrary asks the person trying to entrap via the sting not to indulge a certain aspect the NO despite all the hypothetical inducement meant a great deal in that situation and not wanting to compromise on the editorial integrity and that is what matters in the end

As regards Vineet Jain he was clearly caught out even though he insisted he had no need for cash but by suggesting that he has ways to launder it well there goes Fredo and screwed it up as for the rest one hasnt watched or care about they are merely foot soldiers .

Contrary to what you tried to project or show and what some people might like to believe but the sting shows the IT vice chairperson holding onto the very important aspect of editorial integrity despite  repeated attempts to induce and entrap the vice chairperson held out on editorial part and moreover giving a patient hearing to the person concerned who clearly there with a malicious agenda and very well knew how his words would be used to malign the reputation of the person and the group but the point is group vice chairman  played along listening and interjecting on the editorial part shows the character of the person despite such mega offers

The other question is all of this hypothetical the real taste of the pudding would have been in the eating and the question is would the IT group have compromised on their ethics and is there is any evidence in their current programming to suggest that is for the people to decide and popularity shows they have a  measure of trust in them even after the sting

as for the bullshit of Sridevi and the Bath tub crap it is daily dose of what the media has been reduced to in the fight for TRP’s its getting to the level of dumb and dumber

by the way who isnt communal the media that projects Hindus as communal and fascists and the so called lutyens cabal as some sort of angels who play the divisive communal and caste card in the form of news and are working for a political agenda and these shameless thugs who are despised and abused day in day out are the paragons of virtue and true media is hilarious everybody is looking for benefit of some sort and has some agenda some great you did your sting but the problem is no one gives a shit and it all go on as usual what happened after Nira Radia everyone who was involved is chilling out back again and she herself is now the great investor with the great Ratan Tata inaugurating her hospitals guess the black dress did the trick for him but still say keep on doing this stuff  like we keep writing hoping somewhere it will make a difference


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