Chiki Sarkar’s Juggernaut is a amazing model of Crony startup , Airtel and Nandan Congressi’s cronies , these guys pledged their wealth to charity guess it starts with some cronies , challenge them to donate 1000 crore now, who knows the future stock price , nice talk, now walk it .

Posted on Dec 8 2017 - 6:48pm by admin

By the way how are you feeling surely must be upset your guru cum handler Mani Shankar Aiyar suspended dont worry it is nothing the senile joker will be back you are in safe hands .

Though Chiki Sarkar’s Juggernaut is a decent model the only concerns one has is the question of timing but as one has seen who her handler is Yamini Aiyar the daughter of that senile fart Mani Shankar Aiyar you know where and what her agenda is and one calls her the Mega Troll cum Proll rolling out crap written by some ugly shithead who thinks she is some great journalist and it the best in her arse nal  .

The amazing part is this protege of Mani Shankar Aiyar school of idiocy Chiki has come up with a new startup business model that of crony startups where you get funded for being a crony of particular political party and its quick funding and more funding the word used strategic investment ha!

The model is good but when its money for nothing and chicks for free it lacks the audacity of effort and as they say easy come easy go but money in the bank for you , though in any other country it would be conflict of interest specially the part about Airtel using public money to fund a crony and sure you can show a million reasons but we all know the connection dont we .

Now one is waiting for the Lal’s of Eicher to either invest or buy her out and and simply give her the money , by the way why would people want to read some ameuter trash but then Chetan Bhagat is the highest selling author and a guy who has never read a book wrote a best seller guess there is a huge market for crap keep churning it out though  be quick because A.I churns out more output of better stuff in a day than all your yearly effort combined and it is only just starting .


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