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Now we come to the part about injunction on the BABA RAMDEV book and she making herself out be some great publisher in a fight against some BABA who has a lot to hide and she is fighting for the freedom of expression and what not though the reality is far from it she is merely following the footsteps of commie godmother BRINDA aunty who made allegations of the nature that PATANJALI had human bones or something like that mixed in its products and in the end they were just inane baseless allegations so that didnt work and then the attack on RAMDEV rally where he escaped dressed in salwar kurta so there has been a violent malicious attempts by these so called secular left lobby to finish him off in one way or the other when they were in power

Now not in power they are still trying their best to some way or the other hit at him because the Baba is growing big time and if they came to power it will be very hard to target him forget finish him so they are trying all sorts of tricks and why shouldnt the BABA be suspicious the guy is a prime target not only for the LEFT but Corporate multinationals so if he wants a injunction ex parte he is well within his right and specially when the publisher is CHIKI SARKAR who takes her orders from BRINDA aunty and AIYAR family and ABP group is beholden to these commies why the hell should he trust them even if it is not a vicious attempt by her to a hit job on him knowing the roots and her very nature of handlers and where she is coming from the BABA is well within his rights to seek an injunction and he should be worried there is lot riding at stake here and in Patnajali is poised to become a mega billion dollar juggernaut in the real sense and if he has apprehensions why not and specially when it is book from allegedly a publisher who has malevolent  and malicious intent against the RIGHT ideology .

Not read the book but she did hire a COLUMBIA SCHOOL grad to write the book to give it a sort of terse legitimacy but questions can also be raised wether the grad is doing some hit job on behalf of the some multinational corporations and is there is conflict of interest lots of questions .

Another thing one sees is the worst sort of  journalism and journalist in India come from this Columbia School of journalism they think they have the CJR badge and they are made and indulge in all sorts of corruption in insidious ways  unfortunately in India this kind of rubbish sells otherwise one can show you the worst journalist if they are to be called in India come from this CJR that is why we are 7 class apart ha

Now that one has wasted time on this will go a little further the people who CHIKI retweeted about her great fight though public memory is short how she turned chicken when it came to WENDY DONGIER book on HINDUS and does she have the guts to publish against the MULLAHS or the MUSLIMS or for that matter can she launch SATANIC VERSES on her JUGGERNAUT APP oops see someone pissing in their pants cant mess with mullahs or muslims forget offend them , though published that Mirza Waheed , Basharat and host of Pakistani authors such love for the mullahs and more anti India the more she likes them and her Pakistan connections makes you wonder sometime but then she is above nationalism like all elites of the secular kinds it is only for the soldier who dies fighting terrorists while they love the azaadi from Hindustan variety and more importantly Pakistani types .

Now just check out some the random endorsements not mentioning SHOBHA DE , VADARAJAN etc types obvious but this creep DAVID DAVIDAR he made a out of court settlement in Canada over sexual case and now is legit publisher in India and his audacity to still be high profile amazing and the shameful part is two so called feminists had no qualms getting published by this man BARKHA DUTT and NILANJANA ROY amazing hypocrisy and this guy is retweeted by CHIKI guess they might be creeps but its ok as long as they are your creeps is the motto of these elite media owners

chiki david davidar

then we have the darling of the intellectual circuit SHASHI THAROOR who should be a prime suspect with a motive in the alleged murder of his wife and who incidentally put a gag order via court on REPUBLIC TV and is making common cause with CHIKI again hypocrisy knows no bounds

chiki tharoor

chiki faiza

CHIKI and her Pakistani pals its a big list our elite class loves these Pakistanis more than Indian will go out of their way for them and CHIKI has put a lot of cash in their Pakistani pockets when she was in Penguin she never promoted Indian authors the way she promoted the Pakistani authors and even once claimed they were A grade compared to Indian authors  but then why blame the Pakistanis it is our own and one wonders about her being taken in by the Pakistani whatever like her handler Mani Shankar AIYAR the whole family is on the payroll of the family in some way or the other so its not hard to see the connection and BABA RAMDEV should take legal options and even try explore the other angles of a hit job in collusion not only with the left and her handlers but corporate multinationals and for all we know there is Pakistani angle to this all also .


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