CHIKI SARKAR vs BABA RAMDEV Part 1 – crying over a injuction ,why should Baba Ramdev trust you a Commie now being handled by the AIYAR family to write a fair book on him, retweets a creep like David Davidar , Shashi Tharoor and a Pakistani etc

Posted on Aug 11 2017 - 7:16pm by admin

So CHIKI SARKAR  crying about some ex parte injunction about some book on BABA RAMDEV and playing this great publisher in a fight for the some great rights – would have supported her had she been some unbiased publisher but far from it – she belongs to the ABP group and when the Communists were in the prime in Bengal one of her family member who headed the ABP group made a pompous claim which still resonates that he is second most important person after Jyoti Basu thats how close they were and their fortunes linked to the violent commies of Bengal and their fuddy duddy Telegraph has had its share of glory with whole host of scoundrels famous even now one is in the BJP and even now they inspire the awe with a certain set of Calcutta types living in Delhi .

Though the sun has set on the Commies for now and the ABP group has gone to the commie default party and in a recent election made a terrible miscalculation and went against Mamata Banerjee and some one had to resign and extreme overtures are being to Mamata as their very survival is at stake hence they have started targeting the Right with a vengeance and maybe some crumbs come their way via the Trinamool and thats the brief history of the ABP group , though not mentioning the STAR connection and the people involved etc .

Chiki Sarkar has set base in Delhi and build a good network here and the lady in question is one of the smoothest operator very low profile but persuasive and no question about her ability as an editor but a world view is a total disconnect from the ground reality of India or even of Delhi hangs in some rarefied circles specially that of the AIYARS and other media elites most of whom she cultivates well and these people live in some rarefied echo chamber and being owners of major media companies they try and impose the version on people .

But mind you behind the suave and sophisticated demeanor lies a person who is very clear about the objective and that is getting power for their benefactor and hit at the RIGHT which is fine because she is LEFTIE but to make this tamasha about being a fair and objective kind of publisher is all crap and please cut the bullshit .

First of all she is sponsored funded by that idiot who thought in his delusion he would become the prime minister NANDAN NILEKANI and why one calls him an idiot because he made donations to a party and got to implement his dream project ADHAAR but forgot to think of the PRIVACY issue and most importantly the DATA INTEGRITY part ,its just a mind boggling oversight that only an idiot would make – so the funding part and to what side the funder belongs to is clear despite his crap of not aligned with any party usual habit of a idiot .

People are carefully selected and screened and those with even a slight right leaning weeded out and those who show tendency to be abusive or disrespectful of Hindu gods and goddess get top priority , whats that Sindhi womans name the Halankar or whatever .

Then most people would not be aware of her handlers the AIYAR family not going into the details , can you imagine AIYAR and KARATS as her chief mentors and guides in this game then you know what the hell is going on .

The idea is good but is also great it is startup publishing house with a left agenda though not very hardcore left like YODA press but again a commercial version and slowly but surely it is taking form and there are other benefits for the jhola chaap lefties they get published and get some money put in their pockets like Kanhiya Kumar types and also in co opting a lots of others the STEPHENs variety who pretend to right wing but have no qualms getting published by her , so we have learnt a little from the USA art of bribing via book deals .













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