Cabbie ends trip midway, throws out woman’s bags – ( No ordinary Cabbie it is a UBER where the JAINS of Times of India have investments and UBER has protection and we have these criminals events day in day out )

Posted on Feb 14 2018 - 7:14pm by admin

New Delhi: A woman editor with a news channel was allegedly harassed by an Uber cab driver while on her way to IGI Airport on Monday night. In her complaint to police, the woman said she asked the driver to turn back on the way when she became late for the flight upon which he started misbehaving with her. The woman approached the cops in Ahmedabad on Tuesday to register her complaint.

“What’s been described has no place on our app and we are extremely sorry to hear about the rider’s experience on this trip,” an Uber spokesperson said on Tuesday. “Such behaviour is in violation of our community guidelines, and Uber has barred the driver partner’s access to the Uber app.”

The incident happened around 7.30pm when she left for IGIA from Noida to catch a flight to Ahmedabad. On the way, she got caught in a traffic jam and was delayed for her flight. “I requested the cabbie if it was possible for him to drive me back to Noida,” she posted on Facebook. “On his denial, I asked him to drop me at my scheduled drop point (Terminal 3, IGI Airport).”

She said that she then sensed the driver’s annoyance. A little later, the cabbie not only refused to take her to the airport but took a U-turn and ended the trip under a flyover. The woman asked the driver to at least park the car in a well-lit area for her convenience. Instead, he sped to the other end of the road, halted the car and began throwing her bags on the road.

He almost flung her laptop out too. “I jumped out to somehow stop him from destroying my laptop” the woman said. “What followed was nothing but hooliganism. Abuses, threats, even attempts to indulge in physical assault.” Despite 15-20 people around, none had helped her, she said.

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