Bollywood – Film Producer’s laundering black money – the racist only white skin upper caste hindus/ muslims as stars – churn out such utter rubbish, talking about creativity for that you will get the GHANTA AWARD

Posted on Jun 9 2016 - 7:57pm by admin

suddenly Bollywood is up in arms against this old fart of the censor board and rightly so and we see a strong defence of freedom of speech of the creative director – have ever heard of the first amendment – but then you are above the law –

first of all stopped watching bollywood movies have access to better original stuff – last bollywood movie one watched TITLI and must say very good – otherwise no matter how much they hype it up or whatever promos they do never get tempted one can tell from trailers it will be crap and they do turn out be so – but one can understand there is huge audience which still watches them like they do Saas bhi kabhi bhau thee or Nagin and on the basis of such a audience one can have a huge box collection but as regards quality of the content it is improving but mostly rubbish .

As regards Bollywood they are massive money laundering rackets and producers know it too  and play the game well – how bout  a story on that BHATT brothers and their white money

the inherent racism that hero’s heroines can only be FAIR AND LOVELY almost all of them are from the Hindu/ muslim upper castes and promote a sort of caste superiority of the upper castes and lot of other serious issues like misogyny , culture of stalking etc

then bollywood itself a cesspool of corruption , hedonism and are totally living lives in their insane narcissistic delusion of their image

the party the drugs alcoholism and the debauchery that takes place which results in women being trafficked for these bastards who are now pretending to be some bollywood respectable people

Karan Johar talking about freedom for his bullshit creativity in the end churns out some crap for some nostalgia family value longing NRI audience – this is what he will do with his freedom that DAND BODA

Anurag Kashyap – copies from all over and does a good job though with his little innovation but one sees shades of Darren Aronofsky , Malkovich etc and mixture of foreign films directors etc but lost his charm after he started believing his shit and taking himself too seriously dude you are competing against trash not even mediocrity so you look tad better than the rest otherwise long way to go and why didnt you protest PAANCH not being released just asking .

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