BJP sweeps the MCD polls purely on the image of Mr MODI and strategy of Mr SHAH – hopefully they will perform this time – MCD schools education ruining lives and then mosquito borne diseases .

Posted on Apr 26 2017 - 7:06pm by admin

As one had said earlier and even now it is the magic of Mr MODI and Mr SHAH dont see any other reason why BJP won

8 lakh children of MCD schools their lives are being wasted and ruined because of poor quality of education and high drop out rates

each year the menace of mosquito borne diseases claim lives when it can be controlled and even worse there are diseases like bird flu etc that are making solid comeback

the other aspect very important the terrible corruption that takes place and lives are put at risk what are they doing about filthy restaurants and illegal slaughter houses serving poisonous food

then the subject of illegal construction which is now so rampant and dangerous and the real fatal will be felt in case a disaster befalls the city

illegal construction has other consequences for the city population burden – burden on the limited resources and creating traffic problems and lot of other things

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