Barkha writing about perils of fake liberalism in the WaPo but forgets her own hypocrisy about ( David Davidar ), Hillary Clinton , Huma Abedin , Meryl Streep etc

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Ah! Barkha Dutt writing about the fake liberals and the lessons from the Harvey Wienstein  episode

Let me make it clear hold no brief for Donald Trump but just a few points on so called liberals and their  fascism , propaganda and worst of all hypocrisy displayed by none other than Barkha Dutt .

The shocking part is she omits her own amazing hypocrisy when she of all the people gets her book published by none other than David Davidar of Aleph , who incidentally was involved in case of sexual harassment / assault here the Delhi elites defend him  settles out of court , there is provision in the Canadian law for such a thing in India  another employee makes a claim

Okay he made a out of court settlement but does that absolve him of all charges does it mean he is not guilty ? Then the startling claim of another employee , why is it hard to believe this man is a predator but Barkha chooses to give him the benefit of the doubt and in turn does him a favour by getting published by him in turn giving him a certain legitimacy and this very same Barkha is lecturing people on Perils of Fake liberalism , leave for people to judge the level of hypocrisy .

Then Barkha has been sucking upto the lobby of Hillary Clinton and so much for Barkha’s blind love and Nostradamus like ability she congratulated Hillary before the results were announced in which Trump trumped , but the question is about Hillary Clinton herself who stood by a man having sex in the White House with an intern and numerous other affairs and when those women came out Hillary went about destroying those women that’s the level of viciousness the woman has and she has the temerity to talk about women’s rights and empowerment and the worst was when  the woman who had alleged that Bill Clinton had raped her when she was 12 years old and yet Hillary stood by Billy boy and she expected that Trump comments about “pussy grabbing ” would have won everyone over to her side, she had to be  terribly deluded and yet Barkha the great who is firmly now a Democrat sideling has no questions for Hillary and specially her husband who has gotten away with just about everything with active collusion and protection of Hillary Rodham Clinton .

The Clintons declared in the 90′s Kashmir is disputed territory and helped build a nuclear Pakistan on India’s doorstep to counter balance and box India into a India / Pakistan equation , we should never forget they are no friends of India .

Then there is Huma Abedin who pleaded the court for leniency for Anthony Weiner a sex pervert and worst she has always known what he was only in the case of the Twitter incident he got caught and even very recently she was seen with him dropping their child to school this is after Divorce Pants and he being convicted and this man was going to be the Mayor of New York ,came very close to being one , imagine this guy who has now confessed to this perverted sexual behaviour on many previous occasions , scary .

Meryl Streep in her insanity of the loss Hillary has been very abusive but her to condemn Harvey Wienstein who was her very close friend is a bit rich after this very Meryl Streep gave a standing ovation for none other than Roman Polanski and please read here the fantastic column will give you an insight to hypocrisy on a grand scale

So you can see the club of Barkha’s hypocrites is a big powerful one why blame the desi ones and Barkha herself is one of the biggest hypocrites pretending to be some messiah for women a feminist liberal etc but is another Hillary for power will do anything , the David Davidar case should be seen in parallel to Puneesh Murthy who also opted for out of court settlement and then again another case and now one learns he is investor in startups .

As for Barkha who claims to be a champion of secularism like her handler Mani Shankar / Yamini has never said a word in her long years of journalism about the “Fascist / Totalitarian muslim male privilege”  instead let the status quo prevail in this regard and even going to defend that , only recently did she write against “Triple Talaq” when she very cleverly realized which way the wind way was blowing and wanted to be on the right side of history so please spare us your feminism and ” Women in the World ” maybe they get taken in by you in the USA with millions of twitter followers as a measure of your  popularity but reality is most of them are fake or inactive accounts and the only people who pass comments on your timeline are trolls .

keeping it short here dont have the time but some tweets below on the glory day of Barkha hitting at fake liberals

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