Badboo Aunty talking about fake news – the real problem is fakers like her hiding behind journalism working for political and business interests – challenge her to reveal her financials after all she is so honest and transparent and has nothing to hide

Posted on Oct 6 2017 - 7:56pm by admin

A faker of the highest order day in day out talks about journalism thats the real danger and problem , the real battle is exposing people like you who have made fortunes leveraging their media power – Medanta sucking upto politicians blah , Dont have the time otherwise would have ripped her apart for her bullshit of being a journalist and her crap about Fake News , Newslaundry published the fake Dalit blade /Mooch story a day back so much for your checking – strange dont see it NL shorts today 8th Oct maybe it was a figment of our imagination like most things  , Challenge her to reveal her financials if she is so honest and transparent , the crooks at Newslaundry wont even reveal their financials forget the details of the funding deal they made – does Badboo aunty have share in Medanta or other business entity which they accuse ZEE of in a recent article and hold no brief for them and Subhash guy openly admits it his wheeling dealing with politicians etc and also of corruption issues  , hope your father left some money for you and you didnt get PUNJ to invest in Medanta with no money and do you have any other investment in any other business please tell us if you are so honest because like  Watergate we also follow the money .

Badboo aunty you have fooled with your bullshit for too long and bullied people one was watching very patiently all these years but you have now stepped in a quagmire with Newslaundry and crooks like you will go down with it in time so better cut the bullshit trying to be a boss and talking about journalism you are the last person who should be talking about it and maybe you can fool people , we know your game

Real problem in the media scene is fakers like you maybe some other time and have a lot of stuff havent even started yet, Sudhir Chaudhry is nothing compared to you he even got caught no sophistication he should learn from you who pretends to be a media saint never touched black money , never sucked up to politicians you should be given the title of Mother Teresa of journalism and given a nobel prize for journalism , lets see how long you put up this charade of this media don cum saint of journalism just be careful you have a lot at stake built over this journalism it will go down because its a totally different game from those good old days when your word was the word and you got away with fooling people

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