Badboo Aunty must be very upset as charges are framed against Tejpal maybe she can get Sekhri’s sister to write a article in his defence or cry on the shoulder of his best buddy cum defender Sanjoy K Roy

Posted on Sep 7 2017 - 6:39pm by admin

Its nice to see Badboo aunty back one is always amused at the audacity to still play journalist and worse people like her on prime time talking again about journalism koi to sharm hoti hai guess not a word in her dictionary too much of a Chaudrian and used to bullying everyone what she doesnt realize things have changed very greatly and as one said for Gurmeet Ram Rahim that there are forces way greater than you operating in case you think you are some media boss .

In the meantime to drown your sadness coz charges have been framed against your hero Tarun Tejpal take heart it is not a conviction so you still have hope you can sit with his best buddy Sanjoy K Roy and write articles as to how unjust it is to frame charges against him its an opportunity for you write another book ” Tehelka as ” whatever being framed or something .

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