Badboo Aunty ( Madhu Trehan ) , Naresh Trehan and their DELHI GOLF CLUB membership and what it tells us about them

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Was avoiding writing about Badboo Aunty but came across a tweet ( it right at the bottom of this article ) from her and  that to on some Mullah Ka Reporter about some women hitting some driver and aunty jee is upset with those privileged aunty taking on the driver now one would have agreed with her had she been a normal middle class person but in her case she reeks of the same privilege and used it in the worst possible ways though not shown it way these aunty jee’s are showing but in far far more insidious ways than most people can imagine

(( a case can be made for corporate corruption and illegal gratification against the Carlyle capital executive who got this back door entry into the Delhi Golf Club and its a amazing coincidence that Carlyle had or still has investments in Medanta there is a angle of collusion and fixing and isnt it amazing that they all get a back door entrance to this apartheid club but then who will complain and take up this matter , though Carlyle should investigate internally and it will throw some shocking revelations )

The lady we presume is now a member of the apartheid neo feudal brown sahib club the great DELHI GOLF CLUB where her husband got a membership in a extraordinary fashion given by none other than the great Kamal Nath and the question is not that the Trehans got the membership through Mr Kamal Nath others got it too like that and incidentally a person from Carlyle Capital the investors in Medanta which is case for illegal gratification and corporate corruption but what did they do that they deserve to get it and a question we have often asked where and what did you do about 1984 , she being a founder of a famous magazine , always has excuses and now the new one “whataboutery” but mind you she was very active otherwise on all issues but then these are mere conjectures and Mr Kamal Nath always lands up at the wrong place at the wrong time where there is rioting like in 1984 and in Madasaur in MP amazing coincidence you might say , maybe its her silence that got her reward or no maybe Mr Trehan is the greatest doctor this country has ever known guess the answer we will never know oh! wait maybe he is part of the larger family .

Now why would these ultra wealthy Trehans want a membership to the Delhi Golf Club and stoop so low as to take the this obligation to get in does Mr Trehan play golf havent seen him though or is it for their Kids who have friends in the Delhi Golf Club and they feel left out of the party again a mystery

This brings me back the tweet about the aunties on the road why in the world would Naresh Trehan want a  membership in club that reeks of the worst form of CLASS apartheid and then this talk from Madhu Trehan such shameless hypocrisy knows no bound and the best part is she thinks she can get away with it because she is some DON of the media or some Chaudrian of the Neo Feudal age , she gets into club that reeks of Class Apartheid of the kinds like  MAIDS AND DOGS NOT ALLOWED  , sanitized kept out totally free of such people so no issue and has the audacity to talk about these privileged aunties taking on a driver – beats the worst sort of hypocrites hands down .

Would Madhu Trehan ever write a article on the Class Apartheid of the Delhi Golf Club and other such issues and this sifarshi entrance to a club with a help of politicians show whose cronies they have been and how they made it so far but the audacity to still playing this game of media Don that gets us

Makes you wonder what sort of ethics forget that basic norms does Mr Naresh Trehan follow  and imagine this is a man who is in the business of medical care and sneaks in to get the Delhi Golf Club membership sure has come a long way and family contacts sure have helped big time but scary part is behind the pretense of sophistication lies a tale of lowly  greed and ambition worst of the worst kinds and  they think everyone is a fool not see through their game .

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