Badboo Aunty ( Madhu Trehan ) her Pappu’s / Newslaundry in partnership ( Media rumble ) with Sanjoy Roy of Teamwork , looks like Tarun Tejpal is making a comeback guess the TRIAL seems like a done deal

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Been hearing about this Media Rumble good luck hope it doesnt tumble , it has all the shades of Tarun Tejpal written all over it first Madhu never tweeted anything about his alleged rape incident and then Sekri’s sister wrote an article in some vague defence of Tejpal and then most of all this guy Sanjoy Roy is the best buddy of Tarun Tejpal and was first one at the scene and has defended him on all channels but is that sufficient evidence to connect the trail the Tejpal works in very obvious ways because he is very Tej , proceeding have started and no media you can see the clout that is being wielded and there is money to be made .

This whole gang of Tejpal , William and Sanjoy have learnt very quickly that money is in EVENTS thats where you milk advertisers or kind soft blackmail those who dont fall in line or stoop to do their PR no stories on them until Tejpal kind of went overboard and toppled the honey pot with his STINK oops THINK festival and said something like drink and fuck and until he got the dose himself .

So Madhu Trehan and Sanjoy have come up this wonderful idea maybe they got from Barkha and Shekhar or lots of other media houses doing the same these useless awards and festivals of no consequence but they sure are raking in the moolah with their soft blackmail or easy PR for them .

Nature Abhors vaccum and hence no STINK oops THINK festival why not BADBOO aunty Madhu and Sanjay team and do TEAM WORK build another such money making event and maybe TARUN TEJPAL can join later which they think is done deal

By the way BJP should look into this Jaipur Literary Festival which is good idea but run by a white supremacist a racist though one would not use the word unless and until it absolutely necessary but for this rat WILLIAM DALRYMPLE one is not that perturbed  in making that allegation as he has loosely used the word for others and if you want to look at his forget racism , white supremacy you just have to read his book  In Xanadu (1989) and you will get an idea what his real views are and where he is coming from and you can see them still  sneaks it in through his White Mughals and other stuff and still remains the same despite all his bullshit on EAST INDIA COMPANY and we in India have this drifter backpacker turned into a historian and swoon over his crap , CITY OF DJINNS and his buddy forget his name some DASTANGOI muslim fellow is in jail so bad luck follows all those who are his buddies the question is how in India we make a celebrity historian out of backpacker old school white supremacist trash and we say it with full knowledge and even this guy knows it but now he has become a big time guy so is writing stuff to appease all sides but see his starting work to know his real mindset but enough for him will get him some other time.Why mentioned Jaipur literature festival Sanjoy Roy makes it happen and the best buddy network Tarun Tejpal , William and Sanjoy on a roll .

So the issue here is that Badboo Aunty and Sanjoy Roy are either making space for the return of their hero Tarun Tejpal or are filling the Vaccum left by the STINK oopS THINK festival kind of stuff both ways you can be sure they will have a Tarun Tejpal presence and shadow and what one has always been saying BADBOO aunty and the STINK festival are a perfect match coming soon to a hotel near you and wheeler dealer SUHEL SETH cant be far away from such shit he thrives on it

BADBOO aunty actually spent dont know 5 or 6 years writing about Tehelka  Tehelka as Metaphor (2009) missed on basic details so much for being such a star rated media owner but with this tie one can see the true colors and her true connections

TAJ is a partner who got you that SUHEL or his brother who thinks he is the last word on taste ha then we have two alcohol companies going into the ethics of it and think there is judgement regarding this and best part so brazen they dont go surrogate in their advertising they advertise the brand directly , DARU makers are easiest these days to milked for ads as they are so desperate and our great media and great journalist like BADBOO aunty will oblige and after you have a liver problem from the single Malt you have MEDANTA to take care of you all corners are covered by them .

Please do go for this and specially the FREE KA DARU type journalists ( glad Mihir Sharma is going to his kinda of party ) damn somethings never change but now we guess its single MALT so they have moved up from the QUARTER or a ADHA thrown at them but still same FREE KA DARU lowlifes or maybe the envelops got a bit thicker in these cases .

Forgot there is “YES” bank as main sponsor now this bank had certain people who were also on the sifarshi list of the Delhi Golf Club and needs to be investigated further what all crony connections are being used in the case of this bank and its owner who is close to certain builder or something and how he is leveraging his political connections so openly .

The event is being held in Lutyens zone and you can check out these lutyens media types all gathered here from the Left and Right like Swapan Das Stephenian  and Ashok Malik who is a lapdog of Chiki Sarkar   trying to play all sides its a good way to co opt certain non Lutyens types into the circle but the worst part the show is by people Sanjoy Roy and Madhu Trehan and if  only you knew what their real game keep getting played by this so called Don of the media only then you will learn .

Is the Bikaner house open for events didnt know that so the Jaipur connections are coming handy here also and Ms Scindia of the BJP will surely lend a generous helping hand to these elite buddies of her’s for all events specially the Jaipur Literature Festival with a white supremacist at the helm .

They have Vinod Dua who is a journalist of pappri chaat variety even he doesnt believe he is a journalist and but disappointed that you do not have the ultimate bhaaiya jee Ravish Kumar in the Hindi category maybe he is busy fixing with his brothers rape case allegations.

Then we have the great lawyer Kapil Sibal the zero loss man and showed his brilliance with sec 66A to totally curb free speech the original investor in Tehelka of Tarun Tejpal along with Khushwant Singh and others and have our suspicion that operation Westend was hatched at his Westend residence or has some connection to it or maybe Tarun has great taste in pop music and was listening to Westend girls of the Pet Shop boys and let me guess Madhu and Sibals must be family friends .


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