Badboo aunty is back with her Stink festival but what is shocking is the cheap publicity stunt she invites that pig who is nurtured in Jamia Nagar and kicked out of JNU

Posted on Jul 10 2018 - 9:17am by admin

Though believe in his freedom of speech but then these Mullahs who hide behind communism to abuse Hindus and India and s talking of breaking up India better be ready if Hindus talk about their religion and then they will wage a war so Mullahs better keep their pigs in check the Hindu patience and tolerance is running very thin and its a two way street you cant have it both way abuse Hindus and India but everyone should keep shut about your religion and the onus is on Mullahs to keep their pigs in check because you see the rise of the Radical Hindu Right is precisely because of such nonsense .

Well atleast you know where and who she really works for and that joker Abhinandan is clear he is  AAP man but Madhu Trehan tries to play the fence but it is clear whose crony they are and these are the people BJP has been protecting and they will cash will thousands of crores from the sale of Medanta and there is a bid from IHH the Malaysian fund whom the Indian government should simply say fuck off we dont need your money if you cant deport that pig Zakir Naik and we should destabilize it in the long run and will also affect Chinese shipping lines .

But the shocking part is under the BJP government Medanta has thrived and none other than the Health Minister helped them out with a case and this Newslaundry with very sophisticated but that to anit  BJP agenda you have to really read in between the lines and sometimes openly in your face and yet nothing to counter them they are backed by Mr LAL of the EICHER  who is the best buddy of Mani Shankar Aiyar so you know who is backing these jokers and what their true agenda is but then BJP doesnt care .

Another shocking part is that Right Liberals are attending this event shameful and disgusting you the right to walk away from this sham ful event

It is very calculated cheap publicity stunt by these Newslaundry and Badboo aunty this is the same lady whose Newstrack covered a live immolation during the anti mandal agitation and the person concerned Rajiv Goswami tried to self immolate at Deshbandhu College and it was the Night Crawler moment for Newstrack and it became overnight hit and created a massive fire and gave fuel to the anti mandal agitation so you know where these people come from and reached so far .is mo

The question one has for Badboo Aunty and these Newstrack Jokers did you instigate this Rajiv Goswami or in any way create circumstances which lead to that immolation and isnt it your duty first to rescue the person trying to immolate himself rather than film him and then make capital out of that immolation your big story that really made you ?

Inviting this Pig is  a calculated  move to create controversy and create cheap publicity for the event .


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