Poop Li Live ! -Badboo aunty aka Madhu Trehan the biggest farce once again talking about journalism and her hit job on Arnab as though he gives a shit would have told you to get lost take a hike

Posted on Jan 21 2018 - 5:58pm by admin

One fire breathing dragon of the news world  is scorching the rest and Badboo Aunty aka Madhu Trehan needs a lot of Burnol as you can see from her article looks the investment from the Lal’s of Eicher in Newslaundry  the Mani Shankar Aiyar man is starting to show and add to that her innate jealousy the lady thinks she is the greatest journalist now you can  LMAO on this worst sort of  shameless farce in name of journalism .

So Madhu Trehan once again talking about Journalism and has been exposed the farce she is  yet as one says shameless as usual and that habit of thinking she is some don of the media and no grace and such people dont get flushed so easily and now the article https://www.newslaundry.com/2018/01/20/an-open-letter-to-jignesh-mevani-and-arnab-goswami-sincerely-madhu-trehan

she cant bear to watch Arnab and he is some self serving showman and blah! blah! and even at her bullshit media conference she imperiously and menacingly asked Piyush Goel how Arnab got all the permission and basically how the hell is he allowed to operate , the whole point is that she like the very people whom Arnab hits at the Lutyens media  cronies wants him finished and cant stand him and yet she wrote in round about way the whole article to come to that point .

First of all this shameless lady pretending to be some journalist is the worst  of the lot and have written enough about her and dont have the time but could have exposed and elaborated the hypocrite she is and but then right one is not trying to be mainstream .

The basic issue she doesnt like Arnab and she thinks she with her bullshit will make him understand the folly of his ways and Arnab will become from a fire breathing dragon into a gentle giant and crying for forgiveness from the god of journalists Badboo Aunty the lady is in some terrible delusion .

Hopefully Arnab does a story on these Trehans and how they reached where they reached though he had a opportunity with  Medanta and will have it again and if he asked us we could give him insider information and how their Jamai Raja the COO is doing and why Dr Rajagopal quit .

What would Arnabs reply be – Dont need bullshit from the worst sort of hypocrite in the name of journalism and why dont you get lost and take hike .

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