As Delhi Gasps, Here’s What a 24-Year-Old Did to Help Street Kids Breathe!

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The national capital continues to battle the thick smog that coats everything in sight on its streets. And while schools continue to remain shut and people resort to buying air purifiers and masks to breathe easier within the four walls of their homes, a 24-year-old is going out of his way to protect homeless, runaway and slum kids from this toxic air quality on the streets of Delhi.

24-year-old working professional, Naman Munot has successfully educated over 500 children in slums and underneath flyovers in South Delhi, to protect themselves from asthma, bronchitis or lung damage due to the degrading air quality by gifting them all free air pollution masks.

Delhi-smog-street kids

Source: Naman Munot

“This is a step to inspire people to protect themselves and help protect millions of children on the streets of Delhi NCR who need their help. I request everybody who comes across street kids to please buy them a mask and teach them to use it. It’s our responsibility to educate them,” he says.

A graduate from BITS Pilani, Naman worked on a research study on Air Pollution in Delhi under Dr Gazala Habib, Associate Professor IIT Delhi, during his last year of college. It helped him understand the impact and variation of PM 2.5 particles with meteorological factors.

His firsthand research helped him realise the condition in the city, will only continue to worsen in the near future.

Since street kids are more vulnerable to respiratory issues like asthma, frequent coughing spells, chest tightness, throat and eye irritation, wheezing, see-saw motions in the chest due to laboured breathing etc. Naman is urging more and more people to join him in his campaign to protect them.

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However small the gesture, he strongly feels every individual effort counts.

Delhi-smog-street kids

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