Anti-drug crusader murdered, angry locals clash with cops, block roads – ( Its shameful and disgusting that criminals have such a free run in Delhi and its become a refuge for criminals running from U.P and this man is a martyr in the true sense )

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Protesters Say Victim Complained To Police About Mafia 10 Days Ago, But They Did Nothing

New Delhi:

A 38-year-old man was shot dead by the drug mafia at Taimoor Nagar on Sunday. Irate locals took it out on the police, particularly because the victim had complained to the police about the mafia and yet there was no action.

Around 10pm on Sunday, violence broke out with the locals attacking policemen, torching and vandalising vehicles, and pelting stones. The police used force to disperse the crowd. But on Monday again, family members and friends of Rupesh Basoya blocked Jamia Road, demanding a CBI investigation into the incident. Later in the day, they also blocked Mathura Road, resulting in hundreds of commuters getting stuck for over two hours.

Around noon, locals began to catch and thrash suspected drug peddlers in the area. Locals said they had complained to the police several times but no action was taken with the result that now even paan shops have started selling drugs.

A group of around 500 people gathered outside Taimoor Nagar, raising slogans against Delhi Police and blocking entry to and exit from New Friends Colony. Police managed to restrict them in Taimoor Nagar itself as some of them were planning to raze the suspected drug shops.

Basoya’s family alleged that the murder was the result of the complaint he had lodged. Basoya and his elder brother Umesh had lodged complaints earlier against the mafia operating out of a JJ colony behind their house. Umesh had taken over as chief of the village welfare association and had started raising a hue and cry along with his brother to make the village streets safer.

“This is not the first time that such an incident has occurred. On September 20, Rupesh had complained to the police. There have been regular snatchings and robberies on the stretch which we have been raising with the police. We have even identified the houses and the people involved in the trade. If they are caught, they return after a few days to continue. They had been threatening my brother since he was more vocal,” said Umesh.

Locals said over 2,000 people from all over Delhi come to Taimoor Nagar at night to buy packets of ganja, heroin or smack for as low as Rs 50. “We have been raising our concerns as criminals from all over the city come to buy drugs. Some of them consume them right outside our houses. We have made several representations to the area ACP and DCP, but no action was ever taken,” said Rakesh Chaudhary, a former member of the area RWA.

The colony set up in the 1980s for refugees from Bangladesh has over 5,000 families. Probe has revealed that the drug trade is being run by a handful of dealers who have also constructed multi-storey houses inside the colony.

Last month, another youth named Munna from the colony had been found murdered beside a drain. His parents said he had fallen out with the mafia and was found dead with a wound at the back of his head. “Though postmortem was conducted, we did not pursue the case fearing a backlash,” said Mohammad Asraf, Munna’s father Six months ago, the RWA pooled money and constructed two police posts on the Nullah Road. But these are abandoned today.

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