Another challenge /question for Madhu Trehan and Newslaundry – do a story on private hospitals and ethics , how come you have never done a story on regulation of private hospitals and The Clinical Establishments (Registration and Regulation) ACT, 2010

Posted on Nov 22 2017 - 6:55pm by admin

This whole game of being some media watchdog and trying to be a media don and this is where the truth comes out when it comes to stories which would affect your interest namely the private medical investment and strange dont see any story by great Newslaundry on the medical sector specially the private medical situation which is not following the law laid down and charging huge amounts and many other such violations but worst is their shameless commercial nature and no ethics it is almost  criminal in some cases .

Does don of the media aka Madhu Trehan and this so called watchdog of whatever have the guts to do stories on such issues and why havent they even touched on this issue yet which is such a serious issue makes you wonder , why havent you done story on the regulation of these private hospitals and what all is going on .

The truth is the whole media don thing is basically to protect your interests in this manner like Times of India protects and edits UBER news and other media houses protect their businesses so does Madhu Trehan this Newslaundry is front not only to protect her business interest but lots of other business interests .

Otherwise show us a story shameful part is not even a article on this issue of Fortis because you know you could be in the same line of fire .

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