Story about fake images of Rohingya minors itself in violation of the law and could make them liable under POSCO and other penal provisions , no filters on the photos of the minors .,

Posted on Oct 1 2017 - 9:10am by admin is the happening site these days and why not they are trying to root out the menace of fake news but they are mostly liked by certain section those who hate the ‘ Right Wing ‘ version of things and for them the site is validation for the so called fake liberals of sorts and most of the stories are about some angry , aggressive, abusive , threatening violence etc kind of right wingers and the agenda of the site is very much anti – right wing  and in way sneak up to Mr Modi and BJP cadres and lately they have dropped that charade or pretense of being neutral which is good . the images in this article could make you liable under POSCO and other penal provisions , you need to put filters on the photos you are making the same grievous error like the person who posted the content , you yourself are using the images like the original post without filters which in itself is violative of the law , dont worry we are not that petty or  going to go after you like you threaten others with legal consequences but dont slip up or they will get you in way you cant even imagine for now in your heady days of fame .

As for the brilliance of these fake news catching sites its more a case of being overhyped and there is subset of the so called filiberals and musliberals who are having spasms of joy at the mention of these sites and national and international media have lapped up these sites and have attained a credibility in the elite mainstream and soon there will be sly crowd funding methods by which they will grow because if you target the Right Wing there is money always available and lots of it .

As for the quality of exposure of their fake news , again it depends on which side you are on and many top so called journalists are at the receiving end of these fake news sites so they are overjoyed that someone is actually spending time to take them on and exposing them .

But what they are doing is nothing out of the world it is just basic research and that too for a bunch of easy to get fakers whose agenda is outright and clear to target a certain segment and anyone with basic IQ can figure that out and if you do your basic research you can come across a lot of details about them , like that story of the fake Commando one look and you could tell that guy is a fake the whole image and set up and if you checked his sites ,some didnt open rest were all fake no authentication and long before these guys did the fake thing on him we had done a check up on him because someone who claimed to follow and having learnt from him  threatened us so  then we dug deeper on this guy and found out more on this joker , even on a simple glance you would know he is faker but the fact is he got away with it for so long and even got to feature on TATA TV , the reason these went after him was also simple he was aggressive right wing in his ideology and the patriotic stuff he spewed in a aggressive manner , we never bothered to expose him or whatever he didnt matter and still doesnt and their exposure on him gives some people relief but he will go on .

Heard that tied up with them wonder what sort of duffers work in first post who cant do basic research and as for these guys at recently got a BJP minister to shut his twitter account by threatening legal action which is great and gutsy but you should be very careful how you tread now because using the legal route is good but in the long run just hope it doesn’t backfire on you , despite all your powerful backup when someone hits back at you with the same legal angle there will be trouble and there is  hope for you that you are very well prepared which will prove useless then,  for now enjoy the glory and fame and keep hitting at these jokers , though very easy no big deal but always remember the sharks are waiting in the wings for their moment .

Like to mention people like Anand Ranganathan has done more exposures on twitter than all these fake news sites combined and so have we ha! and can do a million more the kinds of jokers you target ;  we neither want to be mainstream or have the time for such jokers , would like you to do exposures on serious issues then we will talk ,another one who has done a lot of exposures singlehandedly is again a right winger Mediacrooks who again is very abusive but the guy has exposed the so called fake liberals like no one else but then again he is right winger no funds are available for him and no mainstream media organization will dare publish him that’s the bias which you wont have to suffer otherwise you are for now greatly overhyped like the rest of the media in this country .









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