After learning of the glaring lapses and seeing the video of this creep Ryan Pinto agree with Arnab arrest this CEO and also the Chairman , they must be set an as example the education system has been hijacked by money making crooks of the highest order

Posted on Sep 11 2017 - 6:40pm by admin

The shocking part is such glaring lapses no boundary walls ,couldnt afford separate toilets and proper security and CCTV’s while they are charging a bomb as fees and what do they offer in return such negligence making their money and they know they will be well protected and they are politically well connected across party lines and have been feeding the media well with ads and now will bring on their PR and battery of expensive lawyers but they must not be allowed to get away and the worse part they were asked to do a safety audit after the incident at one of the RYAN schools and others schools did  this was after the death of six year old at RYAN SCHOOL RYAN SCHOOL also figures in this list

they also figure in this article and it shows they have been violating the law and getting away with it with a arrogance that nothing can touch them but there is limit to making money in the name of education and lives have been lost due their negligence and these owners have to be put behind bars and then you will see dramatic improvement in standards of all schools and they wont be run as money making rackets .

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