AAP has screwed up on the health crisis but where is the great LG and what is the MCD doing about all this

Posted on Sep 13 2016 - 5:17pm by admin

AAP has screwed on this health crisis but one wonders where is the great LG and what is the MCD doing about all this because sanitation is also the responsibility of the MCD and what steps have you taken and what is happening at your hospitals – and as the Supreme court has made it clear that the LG is the boss of Delhi what is he doing about the health crisis in Delhi and shouldnt he be held responsible for the current situation and one remember when Delhi was under the very same LG – he was busy visiting hospitals and issuing instructions and let me not bring up the number of deaths under his supervision

AAP has failed the people but why is the MCD and the LG walking on their path and by passing the buck on AAP for failure in healthcare you are walking a thin line because MCD has responsibilities and so does LG so you cant escape from the blame for the current state of health care crisis .

For those who aren’t aware how the system works and by creating this confusion of responsibility in current crisis putting all on AAP , you might get away for sometime but the reality is you MCD / LG are equally responsible for the current state of healthcare crisis and must say AAP has totally screwed up and their crude insensitivity towards they being questioned shows their contempt for the people and being drunk on power .

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