2017  Not much improvement – dont see the basic that is CCTV cameras – where are the interceptor vehicles and worst is the use of Traffic policemen to regulate traffic still special in places where there are traffic lights and they dont have pollution masks which will have consequences for their health and many are suffering the effects and then no body cameras and why should traffic police be engaged in Challan duties again a waste of their time when you can easily have a camera system with number plate reading and send Challans home but is there a will to organize the traffic situation or let these psycho truck drivers kill people and now the menace of app based taxi services they are always on their phones or looking at the map on the phone and most of them dont have basic driving skills and then there is a issue of criminals who are driving these taxi’s they are being sublet and they park anywhere adding to congestion then these electric rickshaws who no lights and basically cheap Chinese variety are hazards but the worse they drive in middle of main roads which poses a grave danger  -

In Gurgaon the rise of these beastly shared auto and their criminal drivers and multiple accidents cases of serious crime murder of child and then raping the mother – they follow no traffic rules and spew the worst sort of pollution dont which diesel they use is it mixed with other chemicals and makes it more toxic and in general the basic driving sense of people in the city with no zoning laws cars are parked everywhere on the roads along with buses and trucks which rampage through the roads .

2016 November – Does center bother about the traffic situation – why hasn’t it introduced e- challans which some cities are already implementing and traffic challans are being sent home it will really act as a serious deterrence to traffic violators but the thing is there is no will on part of government to implement such things and most of the traffic situation is left to traffic policemen to manage at peak hours in this hazardous pollution with no masks and there no body cameras on them – the other aspect is no cameras at major traffic junction forget at all of them and it is not expensive to implement a smart traffic grid managed from central locations and it will result in traffic policemen not tied up in regulating traffic instead the can help remove major blockages at intersections .

No traffic policemen in the night to check the rampant drunk driving and illegal trucks passing through Delhi and psychos on the roads .

2016 Second odd / even not that great – traffic situation is worsening due to the weather / rains and horrible conditions of the roads literally cratered and no repairs thats how callous the authorities are now .

Traffic situation still bad – Odd / Even experiment – good outcome , traffic rationing  , good to see number plate reading camera’s installed at Delhi’s borders – still don’t see interceptor vehicles – trucks are still a menace and some are roaming around Delhi even during the day and recent accident children killed in the afternoon by a drunk truck driver in Keshavpuram – send challans at home – each and every traffic light has to equipped with number plate reading cameras – traffic cops with body cameras dont see them with that -

worst part bad road design and traffic sense of people – install dividers for traffic turning so that those going straight dont obstruct passage and same for those turning dont obstruct those going straight this will greatly improve traffic flow and also seal certain passages or passes they are simply not needed and add to traffic jams – the other part is on major intersections there are blockages because of cars parked for collecting people and other commercial activities on the road like fruit sellers etc slows down the traffic considerably .

trucks entering Delhi still not paying taxes – enter via Jonapur /Mandi gaon Faridbad road .


Why doesn’t the traffic police install camera’s on major roads , that’s the least they can do to check rash driving and illegal trucks going through Delhi during the day .

What sort of rubbish is this that agency that is supposed to collect toll tax cannot collect the new tax imposed by the supreme court .

the tax anyway gives legitimacy to these polluting trucks driven by drivers who have no driving sense , only recently they have killed  people vv and aiims , they follow no traffic rules whatsoever and now the best part is they are given a licence to kill by paying a paltry Rs 1000 tax for pollution which is far less than what they must be paying on the side to those who are letting them go through the city and create havoc .

all this is nonsense can end overnight if cameras and a few honest checks were employed , the worst part is now trailer trucks with 20+ wheels are racing through the city and they are seen even during the day time ,

number plate reading cameras dont cost much and they are the simplest and effective solution for these trucks and fix responsibility on the entry point from which they originate .

while we citizens of Delhi have to follow all rules and regulation these trucks are the real vvip no rules or regulation apply to them , how can this nonsense be allowed ,

impound these trucks or tell them to take another route ,

this is massive corruption racket going on and no one is interested in stopping it or even investigating it .

we the citizens of Delhi our life is of no value .


another thing is how many people have been prosecuted for rash driving one sees lunatics driving dangerously on roads everyday , 

why aren’t there more of those interceptors on the major roads and send the challans  at home and when it was done it was very effective , why did that stop just because some vvip got the challans ,

the solutions are there for the traffic police but there and so are funds yet no one seems interested in sorting out the problem’s related to the worsening traffic situation .

Flooded roads. Milelong traffic snarls. Rising tempers. Clueless authorities. And it gets worse after every rain spell. Take Friday for instance: It took just 15mm of rainfall to bring the national Capital to a standstill. Stuck in traffic jams for several hours, many Delhiites would now think twice before wishing for rain.

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