20 acres reclaimed from squatters – ( Lazy reporting could have put up maps of the area )

Posted on Sep 29 2018 - 6:01pm by admin

In yet another anti-encroachment drive in South district on Friday, the administration freed around 20 acres of government land in Aya Nagar occupied through illegal colonisation.

A government official said the drive invited public resistance but was handled by Delhi Police and civil defence teams deployed to help officials of the revenue department and other agencies. “No law and order problem was created during the drive. Notices were served in advance and public announcement was also made much before the day,” said an official.

The action began at 7am during which unauthorised constructions and recent plotting/colonisation at two sites of Aya Nagar village in Mehrauli were removed. Constructions were found on gram sabha and agricultural land. Around 15 structures, multiple boundary walls and temporary structures were demolished.

The action was part of the regular drive against illegal encroachment in South district, where even a small piece of land has high economic values. The encroachments, over the past two decades, have been made by politicians, self-styled religious entities, businessmen and illegal colonisers. Bungalows, farmhouses, shops, houses and various other structures have come up on them.

“Encroachments from several villages have been removed. It will continue in other villages in the coming days,” said district magistrate Amjad Tak.


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