1984 lynchers roaming free and sometimes allegedly paraded to show how they rewarded such people – these NOT IN MY NAME hypocrites playing politics – any banners for the 1984 lynched

Posted on Jun 28 2017 - 7:01pm by admin

poor comrade who dared to say that it was flop show has to delete that tweet thats the power of these fascists who talk about free speech and liberalism fucking hypocrites of the highest order – 1984 was one of the worst incident of mob lynching in the world particularly for the gruesome nature and yet can these people tell how many have been convicted and worst they are doing all this tamasha for the very party who indulged in the worst lynchings in the worlds history and even some from that party have also showed up at this event and specially the so called journalist cadre who prospered greatly under their regime never questioned the 1984 lynching and same shameless bastards are crying NOT IN MY NAME there has to be a limit to fooling people

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