1984 Kamal Nath ,Madhu Trehan and Naresh Trehan

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There was lot of discussions about 1984 recently after Sanjay Suri had asked a question and resurrected the issue oncle more and was in the media cycle for atleast four days and during this time not even a single tweet from Madhu Trehan aka Badboo aunty whose is back to life and tweeting and relived that the issue is on the back burner but the question is why does she goes  quiet and has she even tweeted about 1984 at all is the question but reasons for her silence from this so called journalist have told earlier that Kamal Nath connection and after recent spate of targeting certain Right wing it is her being beholden to the Congress specially Kamal Nath who is also a member of her family and very close to them in ways you cant imagine and she in her capacity trying her skill at somehow vaporize his name from the 1984 linkage and in way has been very pally with some last of the Sikh journalists who target him

Take the case of some Harinder Baweja the Tedha Muh as though someone has give her left upper cut and right punch knockout and the face has ever since been like that recently Badboo Aunty did an interview with her not that the interview means anything and that too of nobody but it was important because she is Sikh journalist in the English space and very few are left and who could potentially raise the name of Kamal Nath so important that way and guess what the interview was helpful this Harinder by the way she is a lady after the 1984 controversy erupted she had barely tweeted twice and no names specially that of Kamal Nath and she likes to call herself various derogatory names on her Twitter bio which aptly in the real sense describe her because when she wrote articles about 1984 but has no qualms about joining Hindustan Times of Shobhana Bhartia who flaunts her proximity to Kamal Nath then you know what Harinder Baweja is and she does mention small timers and the usual but no Kamal Nath


Then another Hartosh Singh Bal whom Badboo aunty invited for her Stink festival in way mollify him and coopt him in ways though he hasnt taken the bait but what one finds amusing he doesnt know the Trehans and their Kamal Nath link and accepts their invitations though he has been firm on Kamal Nath issue his latest tweet






The new strategy is to openly say the names of the small time leaders like Sajjan,Tytler , Shastri etc but leave out the name of Kamal Nath as a compromise

In order to know the significance of Kamal Nath you need to see the list of people he got The Delhi Golf Club Membership and that too out of turn it would be its weight in gold surprisingly no one took this to court it would have been struck down but then who controls the media and great doctor Naresh Trehan was one of them along with other and also the wheeler dealer hustler Suhel Seth you dont need a algorithm to figure out what and who of the game .

Badboo aunty calls herself a journalist and busy hitting at the right wing and she retweeted for Tajinder Bagga something like tu yahan bezti karanay kyun ajaata hai maybe she got upset he was been giving a lot of talk on 1984 that what her real  anger for him well we know who the real shameless person is

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