17 dead , inquiry ordered , owner arrested no value for labourers life, no action against the real culprits the people who let this factory run in the first place and looked away

Posted on Jan 21 2018 - 5:59pm by admin

Lives dont matter and specially of poor labourers whose lives are endangered every single day for a minimum wage that is if they get it , no one has a record of how many lives were lost in the construction boom in the Delhi NCR all hushed up there were a few cases of protests at times but shut down with brutality and even now labourers are subjected to almost inhuman conditions at work which will if not kill them now but soon due to health complications and it is well known to people who employ them in the first place and they know there is no law to protect these labourers the labour inspectors dont give a damn and we all know why and if all things fail money talks the slave owners know that too well.

The shocking part is the cold news and the process after the tragedy and will be forgotten as it happened poor people involved and doesnt shake up the conscience of the society that much nor do they figure in the calculations and already a massive cover up is in place the owner is arrested but the real culprits are the ones who let this place function in the first place and who took the bribe and looked away and let the tragedy happen .

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