1,500 women are involved: Top cop – Sex Trade on MG Road Gurgaon – ( How do you think these Illegal guest houses all over Gurgaon make money these rackets are their real income and yet they are thriving and run by very respectable people )

Posted on Jul 20 2018 - 6:55pm by admin

Police commissioner KK Rao on Thursday said that at least 1,500 women are allegedly involved in sex trade that thrives surreptitiously on MG Road.

YOGENDRA KUMAR/HT FILE PHOTO■ Following the police crackdown on pubs and bars on MG Road, the entry of single women had been barredPolice said over the last one month they have collected information about the women working at these bars and found out that most of them came from outside the city.

“We send officers as decoy customers to monitor the nature of activities that take place in these places. We have found that about 1,500 women, who come to work at the pubs on MG Road every night, are involved in immoral trafficking. I have witnessed how they try to solicit customers. I have also recorded these activities as video evidence,” said Rao.

Anil Kumar, ACP (DLF), said about 350 women involved are from the city and 1,150 women commute to and from Delhi.

The police on Wednesday arrested four people, including two dancers, from ION Club on MG Road for their alleged involvement in sex trade. It was the second raid this month. Earlier on July 4, the police had booked seven people, including two nightclub owners, from two malls on MG Road, Sahara Mall and MGF Mall, for their alleged involvement in sex trade.

Perturbed by the police scrutiny, bar owners are mulling shutting down their outlets.

“Women come to the bars only for dancing. The police claims of the clubs being involved in sex trade is not true. They are trapping randome women. If the harassment continues, I will shut the bar and hand over the keys to the police,” said Rohit Garg, owner of the ION Club, which was raided on Wednesday night.

Increasing police raids on clubs after Rao took over as police commissioner on June 20, has also alarmed the dancers. They fear that if the raids continue, they will have to take up odd jobs.

“I have a day job but I cannot depend on it entirely. I am not educated enough to switch to a well-paid one. Major share of my income goes to my family. My two younger brothers are still in school and are dependent on me,” said a 26-year-old woman, who dances at a pub on MG Road and earns about ₹2,000-₹3,000.


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