10 yrs a slave, girl back with her parents – ( god knows how many children like this are being kept as slaves and never find a way out , the only way to end it shoot these kidnappers hunt them down and hang them from the nearest pole that will send a message otherwise it will go on as usual )

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She Was Kidnapped At 11, Sold And Forced To Marry

Sanjay Yadav TNN

Gurgaon: Barely 11 years old then and a student of Class VI, she was kidnapped in Gurgaon and sold off to a man, who eventually became her husband, in Uttar Pradesh’s Etah in 2008.

Ten years later, the girl — now 21 and the mother of a one-and-a-half-year-old girl —has managed to find a way back to her parents from the life of slavery, captivity and threats she was thrown into by her captors. The vicious circle of fate ended in December last year when she, with the help of a Noida woman, mustered the courage to break out of the locked room her husband mostly kept her in and reach out to her family.

Police said the woman, the youngest of four siblings, was kidnapped by a neighbour, Pushpender alias Teka, who lived as a tenant opposite their house in a colony near Dhanwapur village in Gurgaon’s Sector 104. She used to call him ‘mama’ (maternal uncle) as he was from her mother’s village in Etah.

Pushpender allegedly took her to Etah in 2008 and left her alone at the bus stand there. Soon after, Santosh, apparently a middleman, arrived and said he would take her to her parents. She went with him, unaware that she was being kidnapped. She eventually landed in the hands of Ashok Tiwari, a resident of Dehalia village in Etah. She told police he bought her from Santosh, and then anointed himself her husband after performing a wedding ritual.

“Even before I could realise what was going on, I found myself locked in a room. My husband would open the door to serve me food and for physical relations and then lock me up again,” she alleged.

In the house in Dehalia, where she claimed Tiwari lived with his family, the kidnapped girl was mostly kept confined to a room that was locked. She was watched all the time, and never allowed to leave the house, sometimes not even her room. In that state, she told police, she spent around seven years — growing up from a child to a teenager to a young woman almost entirely in captivity and facing regular physical and sexual abuse.

In 2015, Tiwari decided to shift to Greater Noida and took up guard’s job at a private hospital. He brought her along and rented a small place, but here, too, he locked her up in a room when he went to work. She did not have any access to the outside world, not even a mobile phone.

After days of persuasion came a silver lining. Tiwari allowed her to go to work, and she landed an attendant’s job at the mental ward of the same hospital. But he would come and see her frequently during the work hours and warned her against talking to any of her colleagues or hospital staff. This Monday, the woman lodged a formal complaint against Tiwari, Pushpender and Santosh. Based on that, an FIR was filed under various IPC Sections was registered.


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